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  • A Wayzata Psychologist focusing on unique challenges of individuals in high pressure careers and their families

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    Wayzata Bay Wellness is here to help you improve your performance at work and your life outside of the office

    Dr. Kristi K. Phillips focuses on the unique challenges of those in high-pressure careers, including business, consulting, finance, technology, business owners, entrepreneurs, healthcare, law, academia and their families. The intensity of these jobs often leads to relationship problems, anxiety about performance, stress, exhaustion, and burnout.

    About Wayzata Bay Wellness

    Our focus is with individuals in high-pressure careers who face a unique set of challenges to their mental wellbeing, including:

    Long hours at the office, leaving limited time for mentally-restorative activities like hobbies and exercise that can help ward off burnout

    Constant high-stakes decisions, locking the brain into an exhausting fight-or-flight mode

    Adapting to an expensive lifestyle, with high rewards for “sticking it out” making it difficult to simply say no