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  • How to Find the Right Therapist in Your Area

    When we want to work on our mental and emotional health, we know we should seek support from a licensed mental health counselor. But finding the right one can seem overwhelming, stopping you from getting the help they need.

    With this in mind, here are some tips on finding the right therapist for you in Minnesota:

    Ask for Personal Recommendations

    There was a time the topic of mental health was considered taboo. But luckily those days are behind us and many people are now open to seeking therapy. You may very well have a friend or family member who has or currently is working with a therapist they love in the Twin Cities.

    Ask Your Doctor

    If you already have a good relationship with a doctor, dentist, or anyone in the medical field who honors your confidentiality, they are a great resource to tap into about a mental health professional referral since they are connected to many people in the medial field.

    Do an Internet Search

    If you have no one you can personally ask, then you will need to perform an internet search for therapists in your local area. One of the best places to start your search is Psychology Today. This site has a comprehensive list of therapists from around the country, including in Wayzata. To be listed on here, psychologists must prove they have a legitimate advanced degree in their discipline and an up-to-date professional license or certification.