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  • How to get the most out of therapy

    The business world is one of complete ideas and perfect punctuation. There is constantly pressure to have everything in your life put together. This, over a period of time, becomes exhausting. Therapy is a safe and confidential space where there is freedom to escape that expectation. Wayzata Bay Wellness creates an environment that is conducive to authenticity. This is an area where you can take down the mask you wear every day. There is no need to be composed. It is an environment to get real with your therapist as you explore uncharted parts of your emotional self. This blog will discuss some key aspects to help you maximize your time in therapy.

    Commit to change

    One major strategy to utilize every corner of counseling is commitment. Therapy is about you and helping you understand yourself. The individual self is not a machine that can simply be analyzed and fixed quickly. You are complex, unique, and worthy of time. This type of health care is about getting out what effort you put in. Therapy is an improvement, not a transformation. Be patient with yourself if you are not seeing results right away. We recommend keeping a journal recording your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This allows you to review your experiences in therapy and see how it has impacted you over the course of your sessions. Many professionals will explain that therapy is like going to the gym or working out; if your muscles are not tired, you must continue to challenge yourself.

    Be honest

    Another useful strategy is honesty. The more truthful you are, the more likely you will find counseling successful. You do not need to have complete ideas. Sometimes just verbalizing your ideas, or attempting to, can help you have a clearer understanding of your own struggles. Unlike in the professional world, therapy requires true honesty. It allows both you and your therapist to dive deep into the root causes of whatever drove you to seek help. Therapy is like swimming: the deeper you go, the harder you must work to reach the bottom because your body wants to float to the surface. It is OK to not be perfect.

    Find the right mindset

    There is a significant difference between the phrases, “you should go to therapy” versus “I want to go to therapy.” Avoid treating counseling like a punishment, but rather a reward. You have worked hard and deserve to take care of yourself. This is something that should challenge you, so face it head on. It is beneficial to have an open mind and heart when entering therapy. Allowing yourself to be accepting of new ideas opens the door to endless possibilities for learning about yourself. You should leave feeling motivated.

    Eliminate distractions

    Another way to maximize your time with your therapist is to put all distractions away. Put your phone on vibrate. Even better, put it on silent. Be present. This is time to be actively engaged with your therapist. It can be extremely distracting to you and your therapist if your device is constantly buzzing or ringing with notifications. Again, the effort you put in is equivalent to the results you receive.

    In the uncertain times of Covid-19, it is hard to predict when sessions will return to face-to-face. In the meantime, however, it is beneficial to find a quiet and private space. An environment that has minimal distractions, like an office or a study room, would allow you to give undivided attention to your therapy session. By establishing the habit of participating in teletherapy in a specific space helps you get into the mindset for therapy as well. Perhaps beginning your session with a welcome coffee or finishing it with a drive afterwards could establish routine and a sense of normalcy. Overall, eliminating as many distractions as possible will improve the quality of your experience in therapy.

    Opportunities of therapy

    There are a variety of benefits to therapy. One of the most prominent ones is establishing healthy habits. You will learn a wide array of coping skills for stress management and mental health. Therapy builds your internal strength and resilience. In addition, your relationships with your family, partner, coworkers, and friends are likely to improve. Physical symptoms of stress, like tension or indigestion, are often reduced after multiple therapy sessions. Not only are physical symptoms of stress decreased, but also mental symptoms decrease as well. You will likely be able to focus better and have your attention span last longer.

    Holistically, your health will improve when you attend therapy. Committing to honesty, finding the right mindset and eliminating distractions will likely boost your experience in counseling. These tips will enhance your sessions. If you would like more tips and tricks, contact us at [email protected] or at (320) 582-3762.

    This article was written by Grace Graham, Wayzata Bay Wellness intern.